"darthbanker" - Ohio
"I can personally tell you, I have yet to find a surface it cannot mark on yet. I labeled my laptop, PDA, Cell Phone, heck even my car keys. (I still don't know why I did that) All you have to do is take the handy pen, write your name or whatever you want to identify your property, and when the surface is dry, you can turn on the blue light and wave over your writing and it shows up under the light. To write alittle easier, it is my experience that you can turn the light on and write (So you can see what your writing) I have labeled three or four dozen things and the pen is still wet like new. The overall quality of this product is awesome. They package it in a nice little carrying case as well. I just took a new job as a computer technician, and plan on using this product to mark my expensive tools. Kit also came with some theft deterrent stickers. Overall I rate this kit 5.0/5.0 = Does exactly what it is suppossed to do, without any problems: Buy yours today!"

Phillip - Mansfield, TX
I found the Invis-ID marking Kit to be an added value to our home investment. And recommend this product to others near by. "

John - Amherst, NH

Dave - Cedar Park, TX
"I purchased this to mark items in my office at work (I've had a couple go missing recently). It works as promised. Writing is nearly invisible on almost every surface on which I've tried it. It is somewhat visible on very smooth plastic surfaces, but that's to be expected, and it will go unnoticed if you aren't looking for it. I had one issue initially with the key chain LED light where it intermittently refused to turn on no matter how many times I clicked it. After taking the thing apart and putting it back together it seems to work fine ever since. I was wary at first about putting it on my key chain, fearing I would accidentally turn it on in my pocket and drain the batteries. But it seems well enough designed so that I haven't turned it on by accident yet (knock on wood). Overall this is a great product."

Kurt - Eastport, NY

Tony - San Jose, CA
" Nice. Meets my expectation. Thanks."

Robbie - San Diego, CA
" My neighbor didn't give me my hammer back and then I caught him with the invis id and recovered my stuff!"

Joseph - Jamesville, NY
" Have told my friends and family how pleased I was."