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Insurance companies and law enforcement encourage businesses to mark their assets to reduce the risk of theft or loss.

INVIS-ID is a professional quality property marking kit which marks items of value invisibly and permanently.

INVIS-ID covertly marks property with the included high quality UV-LED flashlight and invisible ink marker pen.

The quick-drying, indelible and invisible ink will not yellow, fade, or wash off with soap and water like inferior toy or novelty products. It marks virtually any type of surface   including plastic, metal,

Conceptek, LLC developed the INVIS-ID asset tagging line for covertly marking physical assets such as capital equipment with invisible security inks. These inks are only visible under UV (ultraviolet) light and are therefore invisible to the unaided eye.

Asset tags, serial numbers, or engravings may be removed due to theft because they are visible.  Marking or tagging property with invisible inks adds an additional layer of  protection. 

Our permanent, invisible inks are very stable and will not to yellow or fade when used on indoor equipment as  recommended.

In the eyes of law enforcement, proof of ownership helps recover stolen property and can lead to conviction and help deter theft.  

The INVIS-ID line includes a professional quality property marking kit for consumer or commercial use.  The kit comes with window warning decals   and has been developed to work in conjunction  with the Operation Identification program which is supported by law enforcement nationwide and abroad.

A second product (under development) a self-inking rubber stamp, which can be customized for commercial or industrial use for high volume marking.  These two products complement each other for marking a wide variety of physical assets 

Both Insurance companies and law enforcement encourage businesses and consumers alike, to mark their property to reduce risk of loss.  Contact us and get started today.